Triple phased Single electric breast pump WHITE/GREY by Nuvita


3 Phase Electric Breast Pump – Materno Smart 1287M

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3 Phase Electric Breast Pump – Materno Smart Exclusive Nuvita 3-phase technologynNuvita 3-step technology helps avoid the risk of breast engorgementnnPhase 1: Stimulationn9 levels of automatic massage and stimulation to prepare your breasts for extraction.n_nnPhase 2: Extractionn9 levels of customisable extraction with gentle suction that mimics the 2 natural sucking phases of the baby: initially small, fast, shallow feeds to stimulate; then slow, deep feeds to encourage a greater flow of milk from the breast.nnPhase 3: “anti-stasis” draining functionnSelect when you feel it is necessary, to help empty your breasts. This helps you to produce more milk and prevent the risk of breast engorgement and mastitis. Cup with soft silicone pad with massaging and stimulating petalsnnTouch keyboard for better product cleaningnnThe compact size makes it also suitable for travel. It comes with the Nuvita feeding bottle with its exclusive teat and the anti-colic valve on the bottom that guarantees that air does not mix with the milk. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 4 full cycles. Recharges in just 3 hours