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The Humble Co. Natural Chewing Gum – Salty Licorice


Did you know that regular chewing gum actually consists of a plastic gum base? We don’t believe in chewing on plastics, so we made our own, consisting of only natural ingredients and gum base from trees.

Agromonte Cherry Tomato ready made sauce 33cl


Ready to serve cherry tomato sauce made with selected Sicilian sun-ripened tomatoes, completely devoid of gluten, colourants and thickeners.

Organyc Beauty Cotton Buds


Organ(y)c beauty cotton buds are made using certified organic cotton and recyclable cardboard stems they are especially suited for daily cosmetics and body care.

Organyc Beauty make-up remover cotton pads


Organ(y)c beauty cotton pads are made using certified organic cotton making them the perfect addition to your cleansing routine.

Agromonte Cherry Tomatoes passata 37cl


The Agromonte Passes are unique for delicacy and genuineness as a real cherry juice; they are born only from fresh cherry tomatoes, selected, and processed with simple and traditional procedures.

Agromonte Organic cherry tomato ready made sauce 33cl


The Organic Cherry Sauce Sauce is made with cherry tomatoes cultivated with certified organic method, respecting the rules of man and those of nature.

Agromonte Cherry Tomatoes Passata Bio (Organic) 360G


Cherry tomato sauce by Agromonte: an authentic, healthy delicacy that perfectly exemplifies the incredible taste of true Sicilian produce, created with only carefully selected cherry tomatoes.

Bio-D Laundry Bleach 400g (cs/12)


This oxygen-based whitening wonder can be used as an antibacterial and sanitising in-wash whitener, odour and stain remover.

Bio-D Washing up Liquid 750mls (cs12)


This perfume-free power liquid cuts through grease and burnt-on stains effortlessly, and because it’s concentrated, a little really does go a long way.

Kombucha ginger 33ml


Kombucha Ginger is, just like Kombucha Natural, made on the basis of the classic recipe - green tea, sugar and filtered water. Ginger has been added to give the kombucha a slightly spicy bite.

Agromonte Basil Pesto 200G


Agromonte basil pesto is made with fragrant Sicilian basil, which features a narrower leaf and a more intense aroma. This basil boasts valuable health properties: it aids digestion, it's antiseptic, diuretic and vasoactive.


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