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Alkanatur Bottle 500ml


Borosilicate glass bottle with a capacity of 500 ml, with durable neoprene case. For carrying water, juice or other beverages perfect size for the gym. Eco: Free of lead and heavy metals.

Alkanatur Drops – Pitcher Starter Pack


Alkanatur pitcher that alkalizes and ionizes tap water. The Alkanatur Pitcher has all the certifications with respect to the materials used, the plastics are certified, and the water quality, its alkalizing power, and the antioxidant capacity are also certified.

Alkanatur Drops – Replacement Filters x 3


Our Technology is natural 100%, it does not use titanium electrodes or electricity. Our filters are the only one in the market that do not use ion exchange resin, which is a chemical product that releases sodium and chlorides.


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