Rotatable Manual breast pump with 1 Mimic bottle by Nuvita


Manual breast pump with swivel handle – Materno Twist 1215

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The Materno Twist manual breast pump with rotating handle allows you to express milk easily, discreetly and ultra-comfortably. The special design and the cup with a soft cushion with 6 massaging and stimulating petals have been engineered to reproduce your baby’s natural 2-stage sucking action and allow milk to flow gently.nn1st phase – StimulationnnFast, shallow feedings to stimulate milk outflow.nn2nd phase – ExtractionnnSlow and deep feedings to encourage a greater flow of milk out of the breast.nnThe 270? rotating handle gives you maximum comfort so you can relax and feel completely at ease, facilitating a greater flow of milk out.nnSmall and lightweight, it’s easy to carry for more discreet milk extraction when you’re out and about.nnSimple, convenient, easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and sterilization of all parts.nnIncluded in the package, you will receive: 1 graduated bottle, 1 teat and 1 ferrule.