Nuvita Microwave steam sterilizer bag

Nuvita Microwave steam sterilizer bag


Microwave steam sterilizer bag

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Quick and easy sterilization wherever you are.

Nuvita Microwave Sterilization Bags are simple and practical to use for effective steam sterilization at home or on vacation.

Ideal for the sterilization of breast pumps and accessories, baby bottles, teats, pacifiers and any other steam sterilizable product; in a very short time they eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria thanks to the high temperature of the water and the sanitizing power of the steam without the use of chemicals.

On the back of each microwave sterilization bag there is a checkbox that you can use to keep track of the number of reuses of each bag quickly and easily.

Each package contains 5 sterilization bags and you can reuse each bag up to 20 times for a total of 100 sterilizations for each package.


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