Nuvita Flavorillo Feeder Set

Nuvita Flavorillo Feeder Set


Flavorillo feeder set

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Flavorillo¨ РFruit-eating

Help your baby eat alone by avoiding eating too large pieces of food that could create choking hazards.

How to use

It can be used with all foods: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, biscuits: just cut and introduce the food into small pieces in the retina and let the child experiment new textures and new flavors alone in complete safety. During the teething period, adding a little ice or bits of frozen fruit can relieve inflamed gums. It is hygienic and safe: the food net is in high quality nylon, the closure is screwed on, impossible to unscrew with the little hands. The hygienic cap allows you to keep it in the mum bag to be used even outside the home.


Dishwasher safe or hand washable

The package includes the gum massager


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