AIR.55 EXPLORER Soother – Symmetrical 2pcs 0m+ 7067 by Nuvita

AIR.55 EXPLORER Soother – Symmetrical 2pcs 0m+ 7067 by Nuvita


2 soothers with symmetrical teat 0m+ – Air.55 Explorer 7067

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The Air. 55 Explorer soother with a symmetrical teat is ideal for accompanying your baby during his or her first months of life.

The special shield composed of 55% air leaves the skin around the mouth free to breathe, avoiding any stagnation of saliva that can cause annoying skin irritations. The special breathability also helps your child to breathe more easily if he is used to breathing through his mouth or has a closed nose.

Ultra-light both in terms of weight and sensation of use, they have been designed to reduce the perception and therefore the habit of using it as much as possible. This will be a great help when your baby has to abandon the soother for good.

The specially designed shape of the nipple encourages correct mouth development reducing the risk of tooth misalignment and damage to the palate. The slim shape at the base supports the natural closing of the mouth, ensuring correct tongue positioning and natural palate development.

Made from anti-allergic silicone with a skin-like finish, the nipple is very similar to your nipple and offers a greater calming and reassuring effect.

Sold in a double pack.


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