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Biosolis Sun Milk KIDS SPF50+

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Biosolis Kids sun spray is composed entirely of 100% mineral filters.  It ensures a high level of protection (SPF50+) and protects your children from the entire UVA and UVB spectrum.

Biosolis After Sun


The BIOSOLIS after-sun milk slackens and calm your skin. It offers the hydrating and protective qualities of Aloe Vera with the regenerating and revitalizing properties of organic Calendula and Helianthus oil.

Biosolis Face Cream Anti aging SPF30


Characteristics : As the name suggests, it protects the skin from aging.  Thanks to its moisturizing and firming properties, it ensures a tonic and perfectly protected skin. Its unique manufacturing process makes the cream softer and easier to spread.  Water- resistant.

Biosolis Sun Oil SPF6


Characteristics : For darker skin or already exposed to the sun. High concentration of Karanja oil. Moisturizes and restructures the upper layers of the epidermis. This oil contains pongamia which increases the protection and broadens the UV spectrum, particularly in the area of UVB. Provides a smooth and lasting tan.  Non-greasy formula.

Biosolis Fluide Extreme SPF50+


Ideal for those who suffer from sun allergies and are intolerant to the sun. Prevent pregnancy mask and pigment spots. Characteristics : For sun intolerant skin. Extreme sun exposure. Prevents sun intolerance, sun allergies. Prevention of pregnancy mask and pigment spots. Protects from premature cutaneous aging and long-term cell damage.


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